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InGaAs Camera Specifications

 Detector: Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs)

Array Format: 320 (H) x 256 (V) Focal Plane Array

Pixel Size: 30 x 30 microns

Spectral Response: 900 to 1700 nanometers

QE: 80-85%

Optical Fill Factor: >90%

Thermal Stabilization: Thermoelectric

Window Material: BK-7 Optical Glass

Digital Data Real-time, 12-bit, Parallel

Integration Type: Snapshot Mode or Software Paced Sequential Readout

Integration Time: Range 1 µsec to 60 minutes

Sensitivity: NEI <1x1010 ph/cm2/sec

Damage Threshold: >1 W/cm2

Time to Initial Image: 30 sec @ 25°C ambient; ≤ 1 sec, not temperature dependent.  Full stabilization <5 minutes.

Cooling Method: Multistage TEC

Power Dissipation: 12W typical

Power Connector: Custom controlled via emission software

No LN2 dewars!  

Notice:  US Export restricted NIR Technology  






Versatile Mounting options:



    Probe Station

Bench Top



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