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Moiré Analysis

Moiré thermal pattern imaging is generated by illuminating standard thinned and polished silicon from the backside with a monochromatic laser 'flood' source (illuminating between 1064nm and 1400nm). Laser flood illumination is key to implementation of Moiré imaging, since local heating is negligible, due to the low intensity. Typical high power laser scan techniques are not applicable due to their excessive beam intensity and resultant local heating effects.

Sensitivity is superior to IR camera imaging methods and comparable to Fluorescence Microthermal Imaging (FMI). For instance, this allows entire array blocks with low power consumption to be identified.



 Moiré Analysis is enabled with the use of the ULTRASPEC-III Laser Illuminator and the  Thermal Controller

This technique was the subject of a recent technical paper, presented at IPFA 2005. Please click here for a copy of the paper.


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