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UV / Thermal Controller


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Due to recent advances in technology, it is now possible to drive and control up to 80 watts of power for temperature control from a compact unit weighing less than 2 pounds with dimensions of 5X5X2.5.  This USB system is designed for stand-alone use with a PC or laptop computer or in conjunction with other analytical equipment such as the Crystal Vision software suite.  Multiple controllers can be run from the same PC.  

The small footprint and modular construction offer portability and multiple configurations for work with a variety of laboratory situations from complex to basic closed loop control.


Capabilities include:

UV Diode drivers: The unit incorporates two variable intensity 75mW focusable UV Diode drivers.

Unsupassed Accuracy: Independent control sensor and readout sensor inputs for controlling and monitoring temperature related processes to an unprecedented +/-1 millikelvin (0.001 C).

Wide Thermal Range: Thermal element control capable of driving up to 80 watts at 12 volts DC in both heating and cooling modes with auto detection of element type: 62mmX62mm thermoelectric, resistor, or heat lamp.

Circuit Protection: Overcurrent protection built into the DC power supply and overtemperature limits built into the control head.

Low voltage design allows for safe connection to a variety of customized loads of varying sizes from fractions of a watt to 80 watts.


Applications include:  

Atomic Force Probe Temperature characterization

UV Fluorescence

Fluorescence Microthermal Imaging (FMI)

Specimen reaction rate control

Liquid crystal thermal analysis

Thermal control for thermal laser induced stimulus and Stimulus Induced Fault Testing (SIFT).


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