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Features & Benefits:

XP Professional based OS.

Automated capture process simplifying emission capture and overlays.

Advanced filter process for removal of hot pixel and cosmic ray noise.

Liquid crystal and FMI options

Calibration tables matched to the camera for unsurpassed sensitivity and clarity.

Color overlays and multiple window views for emission comparison.

Video feed out allows interface to existing probe station software.

High Sensitivity Extended IR Sensor in the visible to NIR range.

13 bit Analog/ Digital hybrid enabling real-time imaging capability.

Excellent anti-blooming characteristics.

Selectable 8 bit readout control across 13 bit dynamic range.

High resolution and low dark current.

Air cooled with typical 60 C Differential resulting in -35 to -45 C at the sensor




Versatile Mounting options:



    Probe Station

Bench Top

The photon emission incorporates the latest in our proprietary cameras and coherent laser illumination into a package that can easily be moved around to multiple workstations. 


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