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Contract Laboratory Services & Consulting


FA Instruments is proud to offer full contract laboratory services as a service to all our customers, prospects and members of the failure analysis, photovoltaics, and electronic testing communities.

We are centrally located for Silicon Valley customers and at the World's semiconductor hub, for other domestic and international customers.

We offer an unique service for your analytical needs -- from sample preparation (Thinning and endpointing: board, package, and die), through microscopy to world-renowned analytical skills.  The quality of our service work is fully backed by the extensive industry experience of our applications personnel.

For 'full service' work or third party evaluations, please also speak to one of our affiliate labs, listed below...






To discuss your analytical needs, contact us for a free consultation..


Our Lab Affiliates...



ACE, based in Milpitas, CA,  provides IC design verification and debug services using a suite of tools including FIB and EBEAM.



IAL, based in Colorado Springs, offers full FA services, particularly for photoemission, SIFT, and thermal analyses.



Accelerated Analysis is a Bay Area-based provider of training and analytical services for X-sectioning. They are also a key supplier of chemicals to enable thermal analyses such as liquid crystal, FMI




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