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President's Corner


A big "Thank You" to all our customers and colleagues who have supported us through the years. We now celebrate more than 18 years. Please do take the time to read our latest technical papers which have been presented at ISTFA. These can be downloaded from our LIBRARY.


Our New facility includes a dedicated sample preparation area. We offer Backside thinning, decapsulation and analytical services. 

The sample preparation area complements the applications and services that we offer to our customers and industry colleagues. We look forward to assisting you with specialized preparation needs such as ultra-thinning of Silicon in the +-1 um domain of control for FIB and visible backside laser stimulus. We have ASAP-1 IPS and ASAP-1 In situ machines to serve your prep needs.

There are many reasons to choose FA INSTRUMENTS, including...

We are one of the longest existing manufacturers of Emission microscope and TLS laser systems -- dating back to 1995 with Alpha Innotech.

We still support the Alpha Innotech FA-1000 for service/repair and upgrades as well as upgrades for the FA-2000. We also offer upgrades to some Hypervision legacy products.

Our systems range from low cost imaging/inspect modular tools in the $30K range to high end TLS systems with options for InGaAs and InSb sensor technologies into the $500 to $600K range.

One of our many advantages is the modularity and portability of the product as well as an upgrade path across generations.

We believe in providing tools to the FA community designed "By Failure Analysts for Failure Analysts". The tools are constantly evolving as we pride ourselves on delivering tools that meet specific customer needs via our modular approach.

We hold an Extensive patent portfolio.

We can offer Training/Assistance with your specific defect analysis.

Our Service Lab offers a great way to "Try before you Buy"!

Please be sure to evaluate your samples on the competing tools. Always keep in mind the importance of ease of use and success of detection of any method, rather than just taking ours or any other vendors' word for it.

We want to wish you a prosperous year!

Jim Colvin




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